Terms & Conditions

All confirmations are final and non-cancelable . If there is a discrepancy with any part of this confirmation, it is your responsibility to contact The Reservation Confirmation Center immediately.

 Guest named on confirmation must be present upon check-in.

 A major credit card and/or security deposit may be required upon check in.

 Guest must call resort if arriving late or on a day other than shown, in order to hold the reservation.

 Guest must be at least 22 years old or accompanied by a legal guardian.

 The Reservation Confirmation Center limits its responsibility to the service fee paid to Reservation Confirmation Center and will not be held liable for injury, loss, or damage to persons or property for any reason while at any resort, or while in transit, and will not be held responsible for telephone costs, taxi fares, etc. incurred while on vacation.

 All reservations are confirmed through resort/hotel providers and other sources. Should the confirmed unit become unavailable due to natural disaster, manmade disaster, act of God, or any other circumstances beyond our control, a replacement unit of similar size and value will be offered for the resort week or hotel nights confirmed. This is the responsibility of the provider who confirmed the reservation.

The Reservation Center will assess the replacement accommodations prior to extending the choice to you.  Should you decide not accept the alternate accommodations, the Reservations Center will not be responsible for any charges incurred for other accommodations that you secure on your own.

Resort amenities may change. Reservation Confirmation Center assumes no responsibility or liability for any such changes.

 Some resorts require additional fees for the use of certain amenities and facilities. These fees are determined and collected at the host resort. Occupancy taxes and other such fees (e.g., key, security, damage, utility, etc.) that may be required by some resorts are the guests’ responsibility.

 The Reservation Confirmation Center makes no statement or comment regarding the quality of the resorts listed, but ratings by other organizations may be provided. The Reservation Confirmation Center is not responsible for different standards and customs in other countries. Guests are responsible to know what legal documents are needed to enter different countries. When traveling to other countries, we encourage you to embrace these differences to enrich your vacation experience.

Guests are subject to the same rules and regulations as would be the host resort’s member. Any damage caused to the resort or its property is the responsibility of the guest. Failure to comply with resort rules and regulations or disruptive behavior may result in the withdrawal of accommodations. The Reservation Confirmation Center will provide no refunds, credits, or alternative accommodations in the event accommodations are withdrawn.

 If you encounter any problem upon check-in, and do not contact The Reservation Confirmation Center emergency telephone, 407.791.7536, The Reservation Confirmation Center will not be responsible for any expenses incurred.