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Travel Insurance

Dear Traveler,

We appreciate your business and sincerely hope you have a WONDERFUL, Trouble-Free Vacation . . . however, we strongly suggest you purchase a Travel Insurance plan to protect you from the things we can not control. Such as non-refundable cancellation penalties should you have to cancel or interrupt your trip due to sickness, injury, or death of yourself, a family member, or traveling companion (it even covers weather related cancellation due to hurricanes) . . . lost, stolen, or damaged baggage or personal belongings . . . unforeseen emergency medical expenses on your trip (sickness, injury, even dental) . . . emergency evacuation . . . travel and baggage delays . . . and more!

We have included a comprehensive plan for your review. Click Here for more information and a quick quote . . . You may purchase this plan Online . . . or from our representative at 1 877-809-0668 ext. 73.

If you do not desire this coverage please understand you are assuming the financial responsibility associated with any unforeseen cancellation or interruption of your trip and will loose the non-refundable penalties.

Thank you again for your purchase . . . and, have a safe trip,


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